The Unofficial AP* Japanese Website

Welcome to the Unofficial AP* Japanese website where you can find materials to help prepare for the AP* examination. Most of these materials can be freely found on the web individually, but we have decided to compile them (borrowed under their according licenses) to create a more easily accessible database of test preparation materials. Note that we are migrating many of the compiled information to this new domain, and content will be added periodically.

Website Update

Hey everybody! Within the last few weeks, I have been working on upgrading the website to the latest WordPress software. Because there was a major update to the WordPress code, I decided to redesign the theme to use many of the cool features (from an administrator’s perspective) of the software. As you can see, the theme is similar to the old one but I think that this one is definitely cleaner looking and easier on the eyes. Right now, there are some bugs (while trying to click certain links) with the theme that I missed and should have fixed before updating the website, but they should be mostly fixed within the next few days.